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Photo Journak #127: September 13, 2014 (Saturday)/Metacognition, Answers, Eureka, Calling

Just realized how different people can be even in finding their way through a flush of seemingly disconnected information. How I search for sources differ from how Glyd or ate Juliet cull their references and I can’t help wonder how hard it can be in their part. I always thought people search info the way I do. And I was all wrong. I learned much from this. Metacognition. It’s actually not the bits of info that we memorize in the class but it’s how we find ourselves through… Hmmm. Also, while at lunch, the three of us had a hearty conversation. They even pointed out how indecisive I am- I don’t know where to go. yes, I agree but it’s because I just don’t want another important area of my life to be totally left out. Painfully dreaming to put an end to this dabbling. For the past few days, I started already forming an image of myself 10 years from now. And quite opposite to what I was dreaming, I slowly picture myself as having many adopted children or raising orphans in my own orphanage while attending to my prison and suicide projects. Of course, I see myself also as an accomplished teacher, published researcher, and a voice studio owner and literary coach. Tsk!!! I really want to fall in love!!! But I just can’t. What’s with me??? At 5 pm, I started rating/judging the oratorical pieces and stories for this wednesday’s literary competition at UIC. Now, somehow, I feel very certain of my calling. As I shared last Tuesday, I was really depressed and it was then, in morning of the next day when God whispered my inner calling: to help the depressed, the sick, the imprisoned, the orphans and the strayed. On my own, I will fail but because I know God’s with me, I will achieve this calling. Thank you, God.



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