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Photo Diary #106: October 06, 2018 Saturday, War Memorial and Floriade

I promised myself to go around more after watching a Youtube video on loving and living life instead of chasing your dream all the time. And so I set up this day for Floriade and Poppies garden even if my papers aren’t done yet.  Thank you God for bringing me here in Australia.

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Photo Journal #296: March 01, 2015 (Sunday)/Boating

The photos do not reflect what we felt while going back to the shore. Of course, I failed to take a photo of what happened because we were all focused on asking God to calm the waves. While praying, I also constantly repeated in my mind like a mantra this strong sentence, “I’m not going to die here.” Knowing that God protects those He loves, amidst the fear, I was calm and positive, a quality I would have never discovered about myself. Second life? Salamat sang daku, Jesus.

IMG_7364 IMG_7366 IMG_7376 IMG_7381 IMG_7382 IMG_7395 IMG_7396 IMG_7398 IMG_7413 IMG_7414 IMG_7416 IMG_7417

In the afternoon, I watched the sunset with cousins while eating pizza and enjoying the conversations in between at La Veranda. IMG_7424 IMG_7426 IMG_7428 IMG_7432 IMG_7429 IMG_7430 IMG_7431

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Photo Journal #295: February 28, 2015 (Saturday)/Resort Hopping

Resort hopping in the morning…

IMG_7117 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7124 IMG_7126 IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_7132 IMG_7134 IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7140 IMG_7141 IMG_7142 IMG_7143 IMG_7167 IMG_7169 IMG_7174 IMG_7175 IMG_7177 IMG_7181 IMG_7199 IMG_7200 IMG_7203 IMG_7223 IMG_7229 IMG_7230 IMG_7233 IMG_7235 IMG_7237 IMG_7239 IMG_7267 IMG_7242 IMG_7245 IMG_7246 IMG_7247 IMG_7248 IMG_7249 IMG_7250 IMG_7251 IMG_7252 IMG_7259 IMG_7261 IMG_7262 IMG_7265And visiting Mines View Park and the Gil Montilla High School in the afternoon.

IMG_7270 IMG_7273 IMG_7277 IMG_7279 IMG_7281 IMG_7282 IMG_7284 IMG_7287 IMG_7291 IMG_7292 IMG_7307 IMG_7312 IMG_7318 IMG_7320 IMG_7329 IMG_7331 IMG_7338 IMG_7339Thank you, Jesus! 😀

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Photo Journal #294: February 27, 2015 (Friday)/Sunset at Sipalay City

We had three activities lined up for today:

1. Dine with Tita Regie’s co-teacher

2. Visit mama’s grandfathers in the cemetery

3. Watch the sunset at Sipalay Bay

One thing I realized while traveling again, it’s better to savor the moment than take photos every second. 😀IMG_7073 IMG_7067 IMG_7066 IMG_7065 IMG_7063 IMG_7062 IMG_7061 IMG_7057 IMG_7056 IMG_7054 IMG_7039 IMG_7043 IMG_7048 IMG_7050 IMG_7049 IMG_7036 IMG_7033 IMG_7031 IMG_7030 IMG_7030 IMG_7029 IMG_7027 IMG_7026 IMG_7023 IMG_7021 IMG_7010 IMG_7011 IMG_7014 IMG_7016 IMG_7018

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Photo Journal #293: February 26, 2015 (Thursday)/First Time in Bacolod

Today, I woke up at 3:00 a.m. to prepare for our 7:25 a.m. flight to Bacolod city. I thank God for our safe journey, my  cousins, the amazing scenery to Sipalay city and my lola. IMG_6963 IMG_6964 IMG_6965 IMG_6966 IMG_6967 IMG_6968 IMG_6969 IMG_6970 IMG_6971 IMG_6973 IMG_6981 IMG_6982 IMG_6987 IMG_6988 IMG_6989 IMG_6990 IMG_6994 IMG_6997 IMG_7001 IMG_7002 IMG_7003 IMG_7004 IMG_7006 IMG_7009

IMG_6948 IMG_6951 IMG_6952

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Photo Journal #34: June 12, 2014 (Thursday)

As usual, we got it fixed again and so I ended being cuddled by my sister. Today’s independence day and Sta. Ana parish PCLM’s outing!!! The resort (Olaer) was not at all inviting. In fact, it appears squalid due to the fallen leaves from the trees that surrounded the spring resort. But it didn’t bother me at all! It’s the presence, the event and the people that truly mattered anyway. Usually, dressing up after a swim frazzles me but today, it didn’t. It was just fun washing up with three to four girls under a shower and only wearing *you know* in front of women who were completely undazzled by the scene. Tata (my other maid) and I stayed and enjoyed the oreo coffee and choco muffins in a certain cafe at Robinson’s after the outing.






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My Bucket List

Works of Mercy

1. Feed 1,000 or more people (1,000 Manna from Heaven)

2. Visit 1,000 or more sick people (1,000 Touch from the Great Doctor)

3. Give 1,000 or more Thank you and Praise Notes   (1,000 Notes from God)

4. Commit writing to a death row prisoner for a year (A warrant of release)

5. Send a letter to a soldier


1. Visit Surigao

2. Visit Chocolate Hills

3. Visit Cebu

4. Visit Vigan

5. Visit Palawan

6. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland

7. Go to Jerusalem

8. Visit Eiffel tower and Louvre

9. Visit any country in Africa except Egypt

10. Attend New Year’s Eve at Times Square

11. Visit Statue of Liberty

12. Visit Egypt

12. Tour Germany and Switzerland

13. Visit Vatican city

14. Cruise

15. Visit United Nations in New York


1. Play the piano

2. Speak French/Converse in pure French

3. Publish a Book

4. Speak at any TEDX event

5. Present research in an international forum

6. Get PhD

7. Study Abroad

8. Publish three researches

9. Complete an online class

10. Drive


1. Eat at a fine French restaurant

  1. Own a Speech/Language Center

3. Study in a coffee shop (seriously, I haven’t experienced this one!)

4. Write a letter to myself and open it again after 10 years

5. Read the 100 books of all time

6. Stroll around a park alone

7. Write a bucket list blog

8. Buy someone lunch

9. Start a vlog

10. Revamp my wardrobe

11. Write my autobiography

12. Volunteer in the church

  1. Write a blog post at least once a week

14. Volunteer in an organization

15. Leave a copy of my three favorite books and a CD in a public place with a “free, hope you enjoy it” note.

16. Go camping

17. Attend a circus show

18. Ride a cable car

19. Send 5 postcards through postcrossing

20. Send a bouquet and a box of chocolates to a lady. (O.O)

21. Take 365 photos in a year ( one shot each day)

So far this is my list and I already started working toward ticking each item off.

If you have creative and fun activities to suggest, please share them below. 😀

-Kayla, the Theoxenophile


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