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Photo Journal #112: August 29, 2014 (Friday)/Rurouni Kenshin 6x

Yep, today I watched Rurouni Kenshin again. Six times na! Not alone this time though for unexpectedly, my brother tagged along. Quite contrary to what I expected, he loved the movie. But haha, paid 400 pesos since the movie was transferred to cinema 8. Again, failed to take pictures.




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Photo Journal #108: August 25, 2014 (Monday)/ RuroKen with Bong and Sarah Suyom

Today, I watched Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno again with Bong. seeing the massive audience in the cinema and also the positive responses I heard from Miko and my other friends, I reached my movie “sublimity” again which I only felt when I watched Olympus Has Fallen, Battleship and Monte Carlo. It really became a hit and even rocked the philippine box office, earning 44.1 million pesos. Wow!!! For a Japanese film? Staggering! All the girls are just madly deeply in love with Kenshin!!! And I am with them at this. 😛 Actually, this whole week’s been so full of Kenshin and Sojiro fanaticism. I just can’t still get over them (present, coz u know I update this blog late). Aaaah! My pictures do not usually match with the content! Sawry!!! It just simply shows how much of a present geek I am-savoring each moment. But, yeah, i know, I have to work on this. I will do my best to capture RELEVANT pics as much as possible next time! LOL!!!


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