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Half of 2016 Updates

The BIG QUESTION is… where is Kayla now after her Fulbright stint?

My shocking response has always been: In the house.

While many expected me to do BIGGER things, I have been staying at home since June, reflecting on the experience and planning the next five years of my life. It’s not that it’s my choice. My entry was late, so most universities no longer have vacant posts. Instead of fretting over the unexpected disadvantage of a late return (I admit I cried every night), I decided to revisit my goals and list down my priorities for 2016. Not only that. I resolved to find joy in the WILDERNESS, believing that there is a lesson that God wants me to learn and that He wants me to experience. In the process, I discovered it to be that of humility, total surrender and faith.  Before I left, God showed me a very powerful verse Genesis 25:13. He promised that although I might not understand, He is working in the background and that He will fulfill His promise. God already sees this coming, I failed…Who am I then to control my own life? I can only surrender then. Also, I realized that no matter how hard the waiting is, there is joy – in my case, the joy of rest, family time and me-time.  Life. Life. Life is Hard but that makes it beautiful too. Knowing that I no longer can control the situation, there is hidden a deep profound joy and hope for what is to come. Build my character first. That’s it. Learn the value of money and family, that’s another. It’s been a tough yet joyful two-month wilderness. When August comes, I’m sure I’m ready to face the next awesome five years of my life because I ensured that I get in touch with my emotions by writing on my journal often and connecting with Jesus and asking for His Will for my life. In the end, I know nothing… I can’t control everything. I can only pray hard, work smart, be happy, and remember the main reason why I am striving: to get to Heaven and bring others there.

I might not have a job but two big positions have been waiting for me. The other one has always been a dream, and I cannot believe at this age I was even qualified for it. Sometimes, I would imagine myself carrying the title. Again, I can only hope and do my best. The interview is underway. In fact, I’ll be facing the heads of this country for that. Scary.

Has 2016 been abundant? Yep. There’s an abundance of friends, experiences and travels.  I can’t wait to set foot in Europe in November and in Indonesia in September *fingers crossed*. While battling the urgency to dive into a job just for the sake of the job, I came across a quote that says, “A short stop in the journey can lead to tremendous discoveries”. True enough, I discovered more and more about myself, more about the needs of my family (I can’t wait to materialize all of them) and more about Jesus.

Have I been so optimistic all this time? H**** no! I cried for the first three weeks, on and off, day in day out. I even felt like I was stuck in a rut and the Fulbright experience was just a waste…the effects of depression you know. But here I am again, optimistic, moving forward.

The next question is… What are your plans for 2016?

I drafter 22 BIG GOALS for 2021. In fact, I write them every morning and every evening before I go to bed. I cannot share them here however because it’s like a sacred agreement between me and God. Now, they’re part of me that I can easily recall them word for word. Listing them helps me prioritize what’s important. Remember, I’m only giving myself five more years left to fulfill all my unfulfilled plans. I want to devote the next 5 years after that for my new family. In fact, I envision myself homeschooling my children and be a hands-on mom and in order for me to do that, I must build a fortune now and build successful businesses. “You can ask your husband for that!” one friend commented. Honey, I cannot just depend on my own husband. We should work for it together. I might be wrong, but that’s how I see marriage.

What have I learned and improved on for the past six months?

Well, I became….

  • self-reliant.
  • optimistic and admirer of life after the many hurdles I surpassed.
  • understanding and empathetic. I see people, situations in a different lens now.
  • patient especially when things aren’t going as planned.
  • humbe. I no longer brag about my accomplishments. I zip my mouth if it does not benefit the others.
  • more loving towards myself. I put myself first this time and give it the respect it needs. My low self-esteem can be traced back to the 1990s and hasn’t left ever since. However, I am doing small things like daily appreciation and celebration for my accomplishments to show my self the love it lacks. Let’s just say, I’m not hard on myself anymore.
  • respectful towards my parents. I serve them now and no longer answer them back.
  • asssertive. I am no longer taken aback by a person’s accomplishments. As long as I know I am right, I will say my points with respect.


Also, I started…

  • doing my daily online journals with self-checks, celebrations, prayers, etc.
  • my own project in youtube (reading bible verses and posing reflection questions)
  • my OraTOR book which I will publish in December and give as a gift to myself.
  • reading the bible according to book instead of according to Church readings. In this way, I don’t lose the entire message of the book. I finished Proverbs, Sirach, Wisdom, Song of Songs and Job.
  • listing my 22 goals every morning and every night to take them to heart.
  • saying “JUST DO YOUR PART” every morning and every night to feel the urgency of the five years.
  • writing summaries and application notes in my BOOK notebook to ensure that I remember what I read, the quotes and what I learned from what I read and the actions I need to take after reading them. In fact, most of the changes in my routines are products of the suggestions in the self-help books I’ve read from Ziglar, Maxwell, Warren, Baker, Stanley and Ruiz. I so miss Barnes & Noble. Reading without a change in behavior is not true learning. At least when I remember to do the best I can with what I have with whatever situation I am in, I will remember Maxwell’s Intentional Living. When I say, “Just do it/do your part”, I will remember Ruiz’s “Five Agreements. When I list my 22 goals, Ziglar’s The Power of Goal Setting will come to mind. Whenever I ABSGG (Address Past Issues, Break Bad Habits, Set High Standards, Go Save and Go to God) and respect the five-year retreat, Stanley is recalled. Whenever I pray and memorize verses (tons of them), I will remember Warren and Baker. Applications make me remember authors best. Plus, I can review some of their key points.


Most are self-transformation and not the acquiring of material wealth. Although that’s part of the plan, I am more determined to develop myself.

Sending smiles and hugs,





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Photo Journal #102: August 19, 2014 (Tuesday)

Saw that student who called me “cowlegs”. I was not bothered by his presence though. Writing related literature gave me no time to even worry about bashers. Or sadly, all of my students. Yep, I felt that I am not that focused now. But hey, I still checked their outputs and I tried to put them in my line of activities.


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Photo Journal #101: August 18, 2014 (Monday)

Today is the start of my 2-week challenge. For each week, I have to eat mostly veggies and fruits for carbs and tuna, shrimps, chicken breast and fillet for my protein. You see how beautiful the day is. 🙂



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Photo Journal #88: August 5, 2014 (Tuesday)/Thesis Statements

Today, I prolly did not kick the day right. Instead of sweating out, I chose to be sweeped off by the seductive lure and magnet of the bed which means I already lost one day rest off my week. It didn’t bother me at all though because I only consumed 1167 calories today. Wohooo! Trying to keep up with goals beyond my zone like 38 inches for the first week is harder than meeting my calorie intake aim each day which is 1200. That’s why I went with the latter. Going for vegan wrap every dinner wasn’t even a sacrifice. I must admit that not working out resulted to a sluggish me. Yikes! Contrary to my belief that I will store enough energy when I do not exercise, not working out seemed to enervate me that caused my unproductive day. Today’s classes flushed me with worth debating arguments which truly astounded me. Instead of freaking out and ranting after noticing how unprepared my students were, I took deep breaths and thought of the most rational way of responding. Thank God, I did not rattle off sermons again. I am really proud and God must be, too. I know God knows I am doing my best to make each day productive, better, and full of life. Love u po!!!


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Photo Journal #57: July 5, 2014 (Saturday)/Transformers, God’s presence, Wisdom, Letter to Inmate, Anger Control Success #1

In my last post, I told you that reading the letter from Greg was a little stressful but I now realized, he decided to ask as many questions as possible because I am the only person he can talk to while in my case, to be honest, he is just one of my work-of-mercy beneficiaries…in other words, a charity case. That’s when I started asking myself the reason why I wrote him a letter in the first place. Certainly, it’s not just to tick off another item from my bucket list and if ever, unconsciously, it is the case, I should remind myself that doing this-writing him a letter- is more than that. While writing my second letter, I drawled on while answering almost all his questions that it ended up having six pages. I also sent him photos and a keychain. This day was also a brother-sister bonding time. We watched Transformers: Age of Instinction in 3D which I hate but left us with no choice because of my tight sked for the day. As usual, at 6 pm, I proceeded to the church to be the commentator for the mass. I saw one guy clocking me… Oooo. Hahahahah. These are the lessons I learned for the past week: 1. focus on what you can control 2. God is really up to something. 3. Be at the moment for when the sought after future comes, I’d look back on this day and say, “That day’s better.” 4. Loving is always better than being right. It may not be a justifiable expedient response nor a profitable act but it is, as mentioned by Maya Angelou, satisfying to the soul. So, I resolve not to retaliate just because I know I am right and it’s just for kindness is not after always being right. 5. God’s miracles are treasures, right? No debates on that and remember, the greatest treasures are not readily and easily found. Only the valient, the humble, the persistent, the faithful can find them. One has to look for them to find them. The greatest miracles, then, are those which need to be discovered…like…uhm, the wisdom
In a setback perhaps? I am truly happy, why? I finally heard God´s voice after His long silence. He never abandoned me. I felt like I am in a rut but I am wrong. I heard him speaking to my heart today, telling me that He knew I am in a safe zone that no matter where I go or what I do, I am totally safe and not diverted. It’s as if telling me to do the best that I can to better myself while I am on the preparation stage before taking off to another journey. I am not scared for I truly trust in Him. He is always with me We’re in this together. Congratulations dear self as well for not throwing tantrums and venomous words to a driver who’s obviously at fault. Wohoooooooo!!!! After this, I’ll start my coursera. Kikiki!





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Photo Journal #56: July 4, 2014 (Friday)/1st Warrant of Release

I almost lost my temper when I was caught in a heavy traffic while I was on my way to SM Ecoland to meet up with Nap, Jullivy, Ghemma, ma’am Ai and Joanne. It took me around an hour and 45 minutes before reaching my destination but when I got there, the food was not yet served. Nine months had passed before we got together again. I was happy, yes…but it was a little awkward with the rest. I don’t know why. I slightly felt strange being with some of them. Or I was just paranoid. Overall though, it was fun… Thanks to Nap who fed us with his funny experiences. By the way, the letter from Greg, the death row inmate assigned to me finally arrived today. I, honestly, became instantly overwhelmed by his questions which ranged from my hobbies, habits to the most mundane topics. Wooo. Putting off my response mail for the next day is a good decision because I reckon I need more than two hours to finish writing my replies. 🙂



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Photo Journal #55: July 3, 2014 (Thursday)

9:00 am – Did my voice-over demos; 4:10 pm- class with the dunces (ooops, sorry!!!) and the good news for the day? PAEf extended the Fulbright FLTA application deadline to July 25, 2014. Wohooo! Yes, I’ll apply! In fact, I already did. I Spent the entire evening filling my profile details in their online portal. Essays are reserved for tomorrow though.



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Photo Journal #54: July 2, 2014 (Wednesday)

No one’s impervious to negative thinking but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Shutting off the pessimist inside is one of my greatest ordeals. In fact, the journey isn’t over yet: I succeed today, the next day I fall off, regain my balance after, then, 😱 stumble again. Honestly, this whirl of oscillations had me giving up for a couple of times then, standing up again (which includes another blizzard in my life). It’s pretty exhausting. But I also realized, this gets me moving forward. Poof!!! The good news is, although I had these going on inside my head in the morning, a visit to an internal med doctor at San Pedro with John, my brother and to a very welcoming dentist had staved off toxic ruminations after. (maybe, all I need’s a fresh air). I spent my whole afternoon studying my coursera courses to improve myself. By the way, I received another postcard from Canada.



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Photo Journal #53: July1, 2014 (Tuesday)

Enrolled in the following courses today: (1) Foundations of Virtual Education by University of California, Irvine (2) Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills by University of Melbourne (3) Functions of Bevahior in the K-12 classroom by University of Houston system (4) Leaders of Learning by Harvard University. Since I’ve not yet started with my thesis, I decided to filly my resume with online courses related to Education. To tell you, honestly, this day’s rough. Not only because I veered toward the negative me again but because I failed to keep my anger in a leash that resulted to a flush of insults to a particular student. Although we talked after the class, the negativity kicked in even more. Thanks to, a blog maintained by Cel Chua. These are the takeaways from some of her posts: Only focus on what you can control, be the best that you can be to attract your soulmate and identify where your real anger stems from to correct it. Yes, she’s right. And what are the things I can control now? 1. My sleeping pattern 2. My eating habit 3. my exercise routine 4. My emotional responses 5. My anger 6. My habits which all have effects on my overall goals. And so, instead of fretting over lost projects and my life in a rut, I should focus on improving these areas , enjoy the present moment, work hard on my online courses, devote my time on my two research projects and help people as much as I can. Plus, I can never go wrong with this decision.


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Photo Journal #45: June 23, 2014 (Monday)

Attended the Singing Priests’ concert for a cause at Stella Maris Academy gym with Ate Kristy Magsangcay, Bong and Ate Angie. 🙂







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