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Photo Journal #4: December 12, 2015 (Saturday)/Report

I do not want to brag but I was really in awe too when I saw Europeans being in awe with my presentation. At first, I doubted my presentation skills again. With God’s help, I pulled it through. Stephanie, Johann, Jawad, Viola, Dilnoza, Panitta all commented they loved my presentation. I was on cloud 9 again of course. Sometimes I wonder what I look like when I present. Because after my presentation, I saw them in shock. Before this, at UPenn, I wasn’t really that vocal although I was their leader. After my speech, I left an impression again. Glory to God!!!!

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Photo Journal #1: May 10, 2014 (Saturday)

There’s actually a reason why I always chose to stay in South Cotabato for a short while and never for two weeks or so. You see, I didn’t (not anymore) like the past. As I kept on burying my past, I realized how totally unfair it is for these persons whom I decided to totally shut off from my past. It dawned on me that abruptly closing relationships and forcing myself to forget about people from my past (although, they didn’t hurt me in any way) do not heal. Part of healing is facing the cause squarely. Certainly, thinking about persons in the past as actors on a movie that one can just easily remove at the click of remote button isn’t tying the strings at all. It’ll just worsen the wound, instead of healing it.

So when one my former college classmates texted me to come to the reunion, I said yes and decided to leave Davao to meet up. It turned out great. We in fact, discussed teaching experiences and activities we currently engage ourselves on. And although some consumed the conversations and yacked about random things; I didn’t regret coming to this college reunion at all…

A giant pail of water

A giant pail of water

This photo was taken at Paraiso Verde, Koronadal City, Philippines at exactly 3:40 p.m.

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