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Photo Journal #307: March 12, 2015 (Thursday)/NSO and Grab a Crab with Mama

I woke up early to go to GenSan with my mama for her NSO. Although the queue was too long, I wasn’t irked at all because I brought a book by Norman Peale. Reading a material that advises what to do on that same situation had contributed much. Haha. There was one line from the material that struck me the most and it’s, “A hammer breaks glass but it forges steel.” It means that trials can either make or break us, depending on our choice. I also learned that most of our sufferings are caused by our twisted negative perspective of ourselves. Today, I chose not to complain but to appreciate the moment, to be positive amidst the chaos. I almost forgot the words of the mother of Eisenhower which may be paraphrased as: In playing cards, we don’t get to choose the cards that fall on us but we have to do our best with what we have, and life is exactly the same.









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