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Photo Journal #42: June 20, 2014 (Friday)

I noticed how my mood oscillates most of the time and I believe this could be a sign of a bipolar disorder. This day’s wasn’t different. My morning kicked off with a few negative rambles while looking indignantly at my voices audition page. However, Mama and ate’s presence changed my depressive talk and voila, I began rattling off encouragements to myself again. We stayed at Chemworld for five hours while mama’s busy selecting scents to sell and varied bottles in a motley of colors, shapes and sizes for the “eu de parfum”. I enjoyed the stay coz I got Light Blue Dreaming in Porfico and Omnia Coral added to my scents collection. Wootwooo! Plus, mama bought me a new blouse from the Big Shop which is totally different from
My usual polo shirts and blouses. Of course, what’s better than capping the day off with the squishy Malasuigi and the addicting Pepero, Maltesers and Snickers? lol








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Photo Journal #35: June 13, 2014 (Friday)

Only watched movies today at home. I was touched by the story of the survivor in the documentary: One Survivor Remembers. It’s about her experiences during the Nazi’s rule over Poland. In the evening, I set up my voices profile page and soundcloud area to prepare for my voice acting endeavour. Fingers crossed!!! (sorry for *again* the fast recounting of events)


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Photo Journal #32: June 10, 2014 (Tuesday)

And it’s the first day of classes for me… I was groggy and exasperated due to my late sleep but my 7:40 a.m. class turned out well. After my session, ma’am Sheng and I discussed my audio recording’s post production for an hour. Apart from being so accommodating and fun to be with, Ma’am Sheng did not price me that much which is good because I am broke at the moment. Haha! I quite did not expect my 4:10 class to be that fascinating and vibrant! Students were participative and welcoming! They were all looking at me intently like it’s the first time they’ve seen a motherly instructor. Jesus was not satisfied with these gifts that He even added another one: the blessing of a friend. Ma’am Gemma and I met up in the evening and had a long conversation at Peri-peri SM Ecoland. Plus, she paid for my meal!!! Yay!



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Photo Journal #23: June 1, 2014 (Sunday)

Today, I wrote my friend a letter for her birthday at 2:30 p.m while waiting for my 6:00 p.m. mass schedule. I also refocused my goals using Dr. Schwartz’ 10 Year Guide and his 30-day improvement plan. I believe the news I received from Ma’am Gladish about my exemplary evaluation from San Pedro College sparked my interest again in improving my teaching craft: A great news to thank for the day, and in focusing on what truly matters in life: giving back and loving.



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