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Life is Full of Shit: 2016 Lessons Learned

  • Life is hard. PERIOD. And it is full of shit, full of cheaters, full of fakes and full of naggers. People make us cry, but we make people cry too. People cheat on us, but we unknowingly cheat on other people as well. Why fret?  We’re all the same anyway.But the hardest part (breathe in, breathe out)…people (especially the ones you care about) change and leave, not because they don’t care but because circumstances and distance force them to be. They mean the world to you and the next second they are no longer there. You hold on to them for a moment, but you realize you’ve got to move on because there are a lot of shits you have to man up to. But one thing is certain, God never changes, and family never leaves. So set your priorities straight.
  • Set your priorities straight or the world will decide which priorities you need to take. And you wouldn’t want the messed up world to decide for you.
  • The world is messed up. We’re all struggling, so stop being a cry baby and playing the victim. We’re all messed up, but the beautiful part is we’re all in this together.
  • We’re all in this together. I repeat. WE are all in this together, so never assume you ALONE make the world go round.Never make assumptions. Never make assumption that some guy likes you unless he says so. Never assume the grumpy soul dislikes you unless he tells you straight. Never assume your friends don’t care unless they confess. Again, life is not some kind of movie where you are the main actress.
  • You are not the main actress, so the better side to that is you can live the life you want however you want it, and da-da-da-da, no one cares! Want to have some black nails? Puhlease! Want to leave the public sector for a private company because your intuition tells you? Go. In the end, your life might not be a movie everyone wants to see, but an adventure someone might want to live.
  • Life is an adventure, and a crazy ride.
  • Life is a crazy ride. One time you’re in renowned places, the next day you wake up to the rushing sounds of trucks passing by your ancestral house. While you’re in the former, you miss home. But when you’re home, you think you’re crazy for not spending your time exploring the foreign city. Regrets!
  • It’s okay to regret for a while, but you realize you’re just 25 and you need to stand back up and face the world, and be you.
  • Be you. Once you become the real you, you make the world a little less difficult.
  • Life is difficult. It is screaming HARD. But that’s what makes life beautiful anyway, so accept and ignore the cheaters, the haters, the naggers, the fakes- they are all a part of your interesting world.
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25 Lessons in Life

Hey everyone! Or myself? No one is reading this anyway. Haha. Well, Happy 25th Birthday to Myself.

Most of what I accomplished in my life so far is related to education. As I reached 25, I decided to focus this time on improving my relationships and finances for the next 20 years. That doesn’t mean I won’t pursue my PhD. It is more of a reminder that there’s so much more to the world than getting degrees. If you know me, then you would also know that I was addicted to getting accolades, to being appreciated as the model student with best paper, blah blah. I’m happy to note, however, that although I still got A’s in my courses here in the US, I realized that I don’t crave that type of glory anymore. It all started when I took my master’s degree when I no longer preferred to be in the limelight. Regardless of that conscious decision, people still viewed me as competitive. Aargh. It seems that the word is plastered on my forehead wherever I go. As I capped off the first 24 years of my life, I’m saying goodbye to that obsessed aggressive attention-seeker authoritarian scary A-student (although I promise I won’t break my record of not getting A- in my entire life) and I’m welcoming the assertive powerful kind abundant student in me.

25 Lessons I learned for the past 24 years? Here they are:

  1. Never doubt yourself. Always believe in your capacity. The moment you doubt yourself is the moment you also fail.
  2. Love yourself. Pamper yourself at times. Before, I always thought of how I can help others without actually noticing that I was burning in the process. Don’t put yourself last, but not to the point of being egotistical and greedy.
  3. Spend time with people especially with family and friends.
  4. Speak up. Be assertive. Don’t be aggressive and bossy in the process.
  5. Save up and invest. Prepare for the future.
  6. In the process, don’t lose the moments, so create memories.
  7. Travel as much as you like as long as you have the budget for it.
  8. Don’t assume that what you think people are thinking is true. Don’t play God.
  9. Empathize with others.
  10. Don’t be needy. Let them go and you will find them coming back to you every time.
  11. Instead of demanding to be right, choose to be kind.
  12. Listen to what people have to stay. Most of the answers I sought came from the most unexpected people.
  13. Always look for ways on how you can develop yourself.
  14. Read. Read.
  15. When you are down, do a random act/s of kindness, and you’ll be reinvigorated.
  16. Sleep at least six hours a day.
  17. Work on a theme every year, instead of listing farfetched resolutions.
  18. Never assume that people hate you because they don’t talk to you. Give them time.
  19. If you can, put up your own business.
  20. Don’t talk shit about people!
  21. If you find yourself failing, ask why. Then look for solutions. Be proactive! Don’t whine!
  22. Admit when you are wrong.
  23. Stop using, “I’m not sure but…”, “I heard that…” instead claim your opinions. “I believe…”, “For me…”
  24. Every week or every day, read your goals and commit them to memory.


And most of all, the most important of all, the one that can increase your grit, give you clarity and hope,

  1. Always connect with God!



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