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Photo Journal #309: March 14, 2015 (Saturday)/Not a Technical Error anymore

I slept late so I also woke up late, probably 8:30 am. Decision Desk e-mailed me again. God knows I was waiting for a technical error message for me not to get too excited only to be disappointed again. But, a technical error note did not arrive. I have four universities in my account and I rated them from 1-4. Well, my first is Stanford U, of course. Haha. Thank you, God. Kairos over Chronos- lesson one from Jesus. Today, I started using my notepad to write stories. Every night, I always construct plots in my head as part of my de-stressing activities. And I know that habit isn’t constructive at all. I believe that I have to replace that with something more positive. I began with six short chapters, resolving to add more each day until it’s finished. It’s better than to leave ideas floating in my head without allowing others to know them. Kathy and I watched Obsessed today. Daddy was on the side, busy capturing the bird that entered the house. So cute!!!





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