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Photo Journal #32: June 10, 2014 (Tuesday)

And it’s the first day of classes for me… I was groggy and exasperated due to my late sleep but my 7:40 a.m. class turned out well. After my session, ma’am Sheng and I discussed my audio recording’s post production for an hour. Apart from being so accommodating and fun to be with, Ma’am Sheng did not price me that much which is good because I am broke at the moment. Haha! I quite did not expect my 4:10 class to be that fascinating and vibrant! Students were participative and welcoming! They were all looking at me intently like it’s the first time they’ve seen a motherly instructor. Jesus was not satisfied with these gifts that He even added another one: the blessing of a friend. Ma’am Gemma and I met up in the evening and had a long conversation at Peri-peri SM Ecoland. Plus, she paid for my meal!!! Yay!



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Bucket List Success # 2: Delivered Two Postcards to Russia and Germany Through Postcrossing

Finally sent postcards through postcrossing to Russia and Germany. Only three postcards to go before ticking the item off my bucket list. Yapooo!

Postcards for Margot (Germany) and Inna (Russia)

Postcards for Margot (Germany) and Inna (Russia)

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