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Photo Diary #226: February 03, 2019 Sunday, Toad Hall

Starting today, I will post daily a letter to God. This is part of my dev plan for this year. As I have shared in my New Year’s post, this year’s focus is God and Good health. I always tie success to something tangible and measurable, so on top of my daily devotion, tithing and all the regular Christian way of maturing in God, I decided to start a love letter to God which I will call ‘300 Love Letters to God’.

I have also recently started filling my pinboard with a daily verse I pick for the day. Lately I have been rereading daily the letter to Romans (which contains most debated topics in our culture today), but in today’s message note from Saddleback, I picked Jonah 2:7.

Jesus just knows the words when I need them the most. Being busy with Appen work and my workouts that leave me too exhausted for the day, I have not started with my thesis yet! I am worried of not maintaining my HD, considering that the unis I will apply to are concerned about these grades. Fear blocked me and I allowed myself to believe the lies of a frenemy that I will never be enough, that I cannot measure up, that I can only try, that I am too small, that I am not great enough. But guess what, I believe that God is enough and that He can, so I choose to turn my thoughts to God. I will do my best to keep believing I am enough and that with God, I can absolutely do it again. (Insert Do it Again song here 😂😂😂)

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Photo Diary #76: September 03 2018 Monday, Civic

Bought groceries, vacuumed my room, threw the trash and met ate Ida while eating KFC. She was able to support most of her nephews and nieces, even married late(at 35) cos she wanted to look after their mom and wasn’t able to finish high school so she could help her parents. But God turned her situation around… She’s been married to an aussie teacher for 20 yrs now and a mother to two handsome fil-aussie teenagers…

Lesson learned: God rewards generosity…God sees…

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Daily Photo Diary #23: July 12, 2018 Thursday, ANU

I have a black notebook where I list all my prayers to keep track of answered ones as a testimony and unanswered ones as an opportunity for learning. What I discovered is that 95% of my prayers for my first semester at ANU has been answered. Thank you God.

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Photo Journal #194: November 19, 2014 (Wednesday)/Healing and Wisdom from God

Got great shots today when we fetched Kathy -at least in my standards (even if they are blurry). hahahahahahah! I guess Kamiki’s right. Looking at the photos we took reminds us of the emotions we felt when they’re taken.  I just am so passionate about taking photos of the sky whether at dawn, dusk or any time of the day. The sky reveals so much about God for me.

What I love about this day are the nuggets of wisdom I received from God! There are four realizations today.

First, all my goals were clarified and affirmed by God (at least now, I believe) but I was asked by God to do them with the right intentions. All this time, I never thought I aimed at ticking the items off my bucket list because I want to get ahead of others, which is totally pointless. I know that if that’s the case, I will keep on running without getting to the finish line. Now, instead of thinking to lose weight to prove to everyone that I can be sexier, more beautiful, etc – I focus on my health and the effect of this to my parents and the people I love. Before I unconsciously want to be a doctor because it is a sign of power and dominance. Today, I decided to list the “good why’s” of that dream. And, I was able to identify them. Along the changing of intentions comes the resolve to remove insignificant pursuits. I finally removed some items that are useless in my journey to heaven. People always got dazed by the numerous goals I set but surely, God isn’t especially if I’m aiming for skills, education, material possessions or anything else that He hasn’t shaped me for. All thanks to Rick Warren and Bo Sanchez, I listed my core gifts and identified my purpose. After setting them, I felt at peace, relieved and clarified.

Second, God told me today how critical I am of others, judgmental and accusatory. That’s part of me that needs healing. And I am trying now. Every time I accuse someone of not liking me based solely on their non-verbal behavior, I stop and remind myself that I am not God. It helps. Of course, it will take a lot of practice but I’ll do it, with God. No slander (even if I only did it with my family) and no accusations. I am only human and so, I should stop from acting like a god.

Third, In my previous post, I told you, I won’t ever forget November 15 – that person, that line and that moment because it caused too much pain. But today God called me to lay down the hurts and forgive (as always). Who am I not to forgive, right? So yes, no matter how painful it is, I resolve to loving them and praying for them because I also choose not to bring destruction upon myself. I forgive you. I pray for you. I bless you – even if it hurts.

Fourth, I’ve been thinking about this lately whether to marry or not. And you know what, I realized that I was proclaiming I’m not going to commit to someone forever because I was full of resentment and bitterness. I know that apart from these, I also do not appreciate myself that much (very obvious by the way I comment on my own photos and make fun of myself). At first, I thought it’s better that way because it will save me from other people’s negative remarks but again, it’s worse. I’ve become a stranger to my own self. In the first place, I should be the one encouraging myself and praising myself: no matter how ridiculous it sounds. With this realization, I decided to give love a chance: if it blooms. And so, at 7p.m., I googled Rick Warren’s Advice of Finding True Love. I learned a lot from it. Instead of focusing on finding someone, I should be making myself better. I should not be unkind, disrespectful, judgmental, angry, immature. I have faith that if I start working now, I will change- slowly change…not for man but for God, for Heaven. Hmmmm. So much thoughts but I can’t really put them into words right now. I just shared the link just in case you want to listen to these talks.

Other notes:

Always set goals according to how God shaped you. 

S – piritual gifts





Myth: I’m not going to date, I’m just going to wait.

Myth: There is only one person for me. 

So, mingle! LOL

The videos I watched today:

1. Learn How to Recognize God’s Voice with Rick Warren

2. Finding the Love of Your Life with Rick Warren





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