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Photo Journal #131: September 17, 2014 (Wednesday)/ Judge in UIC Literary Extravaganza

I was invited by Ms Juliet Vasay to be the judge of the University of Immaculate Conception’s Literary Extravaganza. It’s been two years since I judged in literary competitions and so, I was very excited. I was very happy because finally, they FOUND out who I really am. Ms Vasay didn’t even know I was a summa cum laude and a national orator. I guess that’s the reason why she suddenly became so accommodating and friendly. I also met new friends today, Sir Lenard and Ms Ara. Plus, I received a huge amount from UIC which I badly needed. Hahahahaha. And, last but not the least, super thankful because I was finally invited to sit in an interview with Fulbright. (here I am again, blogging without focusing-sorry)







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Photo Journal #8: May 17, 2014 (Saturday)

And the first day of the two-Saturday DEADLY comprehensive exams had finally arrived! Came to the uni before 8:00 a.m. but the exam started 30 minutes after.

On the first day, my classmate and I took the Foundations of Language and Research courses . Though each subject has only four essay questions, we took the test for four hours. What caught us by surprise were the first set of questions for they were not part of the requisites of the first subject. Fortunately, I kept my calm while berating my RUSTY head and forcing him to retrieve the information for me (Oh head, please, you got to know this Critical Period Hypothesis. I can’t believe how totally useless you are at this moment! Come on, you can do better than that!)

Disappointed look

Disappointed look

After the test, we believed we deserve a treat so we STORMED (yeah, stormed, pinaabtik ba) to Abreeza and ate our lunch. I had a slice of pizza and a plate of carbonara while my friend literally gobbled a slice of White Chicago pizza.

Meaty pizza and carbonara! wooohooo

Meaty pizza and carbonara! wooohooo

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