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Daily Message from God # 2

Dear Jesus,

Today, I read a blog on 26 good habits to start practicing through Bloglovin’, and realized I am already practicing most of them. What I could probably add to my list is choosing one topic to learn for a day, allotting an hour me-time (I will try 4 a.m. to fit with my daily worship schedule), focusing only on one to three tasks every day for maximum performance.

My first book for the day was the 80/20 Principle that postulates only 20% of the input produces 80% of the output. How does that extend to my life? First, I only need to find the 20% that can produce the 80% success for me. Bottomline: Say no to most tasks. Second, my business should be more focused. Third, in line with business, finding out the 20% that contributes to the 80% profit of the company is one sure step to doubling the earnings. Woah. What else have I learned today? I need to add a section for God’s Response to my journal to see if I’m hearing You in all these. Please let the Holy Spirit guide me through it.

The other night, I asked you what your message was and you simply whispered, “They will turn themselves in.” I was afraid by that prophecy, but true enough the suspect turned herself up. Mama suggested that I write down all the prophecies. When you told me that my sister  would bear a baby girl, no one really thought it was possible because of her illness, but it came to pass and You prove them again that with You, all things are possible. When you told me how the enemy would get caught, “Her words will pierce her own heart”, it did happen because you used her own statements against her that resolved all doubts and conflict when I was still in the university. Now you’re telling me, all this is in preparation for the big task you assigned me to do, I’m sure it’s gonna be a surprise again. Before I was always in trepidation whenever I hear of missions and great prosperity for fear of responsibility. Now, I am filled with excitement and joy for who am I to question Your wisdom, fountain of Wisdom? I can only submit and trust in your plan and the transformation it carries. Humble me, Jesus each day. After all, everything is vanity if it’s done for selfish gains.

The chapters I read today from Isaiah 10-16 reminded me to be humble and to trust only on You. Having an acute mental disease of studying the occult, I’m certain it’s your way of cleansing and bringing me back. Teach me to erase the knowledge. Fill me with only Your word and wisdom. Jesus, teach me to be humble; it’s my greatest dream .

Thank you for everything, Kuya. I love you so much!


Your Kimkim


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