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Photo Journal #84: August 1, 2014 (Friday)/ Coursera Assignment

Crammed a week’s entries into a 15-minute sentence construction in a bus. Yeah. That’s me. Just too tired to explain events that happen every day but I am really doing my best. The best solution is to write the blog post every night which I will set as a challenge next week. Wohooo. Today’s just dedicated to submitting my final assignment for Assessment of 21st Century Skills on Coursera. Luckily, I still had the Design Thinking essay in my sent items. Most of the essay was taken from that previously submitted output with few revisions. No need to cram on Monday baby. Last time I had two hours left before deadline but hey I still received a 12 out of 13 marks. I need to announce that I finally finished one online course and on my way to capping another which means three courses left before kissing the bucket list item goodbye. Haha!!! Proud me!


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