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Photo Diary #216: January 24, 2019 Thursday, Fernwood

I so love Salmon Nagiri and the calming chatter at the food court in Canberra centre… This is what contentment feels like.

I have also been watching the video below to affirm my decision. You gotta protect yourself, girl. Yes, they may not be aware of it, but you have to protect your well-being. 3:25 – 4:00 says a lot about this! And my decision to remove this toxicity has been so calming.

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Photo Diary #215: January 23, 2019 Wednesday, My Birthday

I loved how I spent this day…

Two movies and an iced chocolate!

And as usual, the celebration back home



Thank you God for bringing me into this world.  Thank you for last year, Year of Excellence. Thank you for teaching me how to be strong, to work hard, and give more. Thank you for all the blessings: the blessings of travel with my mama, my dream, my savings, my work, my academics, my health journey. Thank you for giving me another year in my life. I want to live this 2019 for You. I want to draw closer to You, God. I want to re-learn, and get to know You more. Send people who will draw me closer to You, and to loving myself more. God, help me see You more and more in the mundane and the ordinary – in the unexpected – in the crackles. Awaken my SHAPE. Show me again how you want me to live my life. Most of all, teach me how to be a woman of humility, faith, integrity and generosity. My real goal is to go to heaven and bring people there. If that’s your will for my life this 2019, show me the people and the environment and strengthen me. God, thank you for the 27 years of closeness and journey with You. Thank you for not giving up on me and protecting me from evil threat and my enemeis. Thank you for bringing people to wake me up, to direct me and to nudge me closer to the vision You have for my life. Teach me how to live my true purpose. Make me the person you designed me to be. I do not know God, but like Rick I hold on to Isaiah 55 as Your promise for me. God, I entrust my past, my present and future to you. My dreams. My happiness. My heart. I love you Kuya Jesus.

Yours forever and your birthday girl,

Your Kim-kim


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Photo Diary #214: January 22, 2019 Tuesday, ANU Clinic

I had my appointment again today with Dr. Bessel. She had all referrals ready for my dietician, and gyneacologist, so it was a pretty quick check-in. My appointment with my specialist is on Feb 18 while my dietician on March 13. Well, at least I get to solely focus on my workout sessions and meal preps now. After the appointment, I went straight to the library to return three big books and head home to eat lunch. I also had to work early at 1 PM, so I could exit and attend the zumba session in the afternoom then come back online again after. And oh, I waited from 4.30 to 5.20ish for Belle in front of Koko Black to return her keys. In order to make it on time, I had to leave Toad at 4 PM to catch the bus. That made for an hour or so lost in work. It would have been okay, but I informed my manager that I will be working UNTIL 5.30. PM. Not until 4PM. Definitely not cool. Anyway, at least I was able to dance zumba. In the cumbia part, I was silently crying… Everything suddenly felt right and all the memories of dancing to zumba for an hour or so back in 2014 played in my mind. I remember the feeling…that serene feeling no matter how arduous the dancing gets. I love it… But I admit I lost the stamina I once had. Thank you God. People may sometimes judge us because they do not know the whole story, the whole story that we did not want to wait because we promised our manager we will be online not because we are greedy of our time. People can call us ‘greedy’ but they didn’+ know everything. They do not even know how we use the money. How we have to double our effort so we can provide for our parents… Greed is when you work hard for yourself and buy stuffs you no longer need in order to please the world. Are they even listening to themselves? I normally do not post this, but backhanded remarks like this do not go unnoticed. If I were greedy, I wouldn’+ have donated this amount to a dying baby- a stranger- a month ago. Anyway, God sees…

screen shot 2019-01-27 at 4.24.54 pm

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Photo Diary #213: January 21, 2019 Monday, Fernwood

Had my weigh-in today and fortunately I lost 500 g. Hahahah. I do not get frustrated anymore because I now better understand what is happening in my body that causes the slow weight loss.

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Photo Diary #212: January 20, 2019 Sunday, God’s Five Purposes for Your Life

Something to ponder on and work hard at every day…

screen shot 2019-01-27 at 3.50.49 pm

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Photo Diary #211: January 19, 2019 Saturday, Fernwood

Went to Gunghalin today to attend church service and work out with Melda afterwards at Fernwood. This rowing machine is a killer. Only close to 5 min in it and I thought I almost died. This shows how terrible my level of fitness has been… But I will never give up.

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Photo Diary #210: January 18, 2019 Friday, Toad Hall

After getting back from Fernwood, I decided to finish my pralines so I can begin my detox and start eating healthy.

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Photo Diary #209: January 17, 2019 Thursday, Sydney International Airport

Mama’s last day in Australia. See you in July during my graduation mama.

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Photo Diary #208: January 16, 2019 Wednesday, ANU Clinic

Found out that I have PCOS but it is quite common, so I am not bothered at all. Plus, there are a lot to be thankful for. All my other tests are normal and God has direcred me towards Dr. Melissa. She’s so comforting and I will be with working with her, and a dietician until July to help fix my menstrual problem.

I will have to work with a dietician. Woah. Hahahaha. If anyone is reading this, try the yearly declarations… It is so true. My year has started off with everything health-related. I also stopped drinking soda…praying for this success. Honestly, I just want to live healthy consistently.

Forgot to take photo, so here’s a photo of my mom. LOL

And oh, we watched Instant Family today… The only movie mama finished watching with me in the cinema hahahaha.

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Photo Diary #207: January 15, 2019 Tuesday, Fernwood

My legs are so sore from yesterday’s training but continued my exercise today on my own. Of course, form isn’t perfect but I am doing my best.

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