Decade Review Part III: A letter from your future self

The third part of Marie Forleo’s Decade Review asked for our goals for the next decade. However, I cannot share my decade goals here, so I’m just copying the last section.

Hi Kayla,

I would like you to know that I’m proud of you. You made it! You will make it! As you declare 2020 as a Year of Blessings, you must never forget your roots and God. Surely, your 2020 is a year of blessing. It’s the beginning of an impactful decade, so stand up and face the next decade with hope. Consistency is the key. It’s going to be difficult, but life is never easy. As you grind offer everything to God. Remember, everything stems from God, everything. I want you to always put God at the center of your life and everything will fall into place. If God is with you, who can be against you? God is going to make miracles for you—remember He sees every action, every word, every thought and even if people cannot see it, live an honorable life. Honorable and full of integrity. There are a lot of philanthropists out there but always ask yourself how are you going to be different? How? The answer lies in your heart. Do you do it for glory? or do you do it out of love and true pain? Again, live an honorable life, so even if things happen not as you please you can find that courage again. God loves you so much, and God will always be there as He has promised since June 30, 2003. People will judge you along the way, but only God knows your true heart. Stop pleasing people and focus on God. Remember that you are doing this for others and for God. Have courage, and always think about how your actions can help and inspire people. You still have 10 years. Focus on your weight first and cherish and nourish yourself so you can give more. Be consistent. When it becomes tough, I want you to know that God is with you. God is everything, God has brought all of your greatest dreams into completion. I want you to dream and enjoy. The coming decade will be an amazing ride with your own family, and your amazing equally generous husband, a man of wisdom, integrity and faith. Be inspiring and impactful. I want you to feel it truly in your heart. I am proud of you.

Your 2030 self (I’m 38 years old now)

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