Photo Diary #382: July 09, 2019 Tuesday, Llewelyn Hall

I had my speech practice today with Amanda Burell. Like Vivian from ASLC, Amanda also cried when I said the last quote. Everyone is tired and everyone has this feeling of not being enough whether we admit it or not. That line and the speech resonated more with those who have been working and still feel lacking in so many areas. Maybe that is why most who said the speech was great are people in their 40s. Hahahahaha

I also cried when she said: Can I hug you?… Your speech does not reveal any specifics, it is very general but it reveals the type of person you are, how beautiful your soul is. CASS has made the right choice.

A part of me was crying because I am really exhausted, I want to rest and the speech tells that aspect of myself. I’m crying of so much gratitude to God for choosing me. I did think about applying for speech graduation a year before, but then I hesitated later on cos I know I am a nobody. And then an email came inviting me to really apply because Prof Catherine Travis thinks I am fit for the role. When I applied, I only put “ANUFA member”. I was screaming in the application: I am not special. I am silent, I am a nobody. But God wanted me to be on that stage. God wanted to assure me I am enough, and that I still have my voice. I felt we can’t really run away from who we are. And like what he did in Japan 11 years ago, He made a way for me to be on that podium. Kuya, tsk tsk. Who can say no if you You want it to happen! But now I am thankful to God for giving me this once in a lifetime experience.


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