Photo Diary #215: January 23, 2019 Wednesday, My Birthday

I loved how I spent this day…

Two movies and an iced chocolate!

And as usual, the celebration back home



Thank you God for bringing me into this world.  Thank you for last year, Year of Excellence. Thank you for teaching me how to be strong, to work hard, and give more. Thank you for all the blessings: the blessings of travel with my mama, my dream, my savings, my work, my academics, my health journey. Thank you for giving me another year in my life. I want to live this 2019 for You. I want to draw closer to You, God. I want to re-learn, and get to know You more. Send people who will draw me closer to You, and to loving myself more. God, help me see You more and more in the mundane and the ordinary – in the unexpected – in the crackles. Awaken my SHAPE. Show me again how you want me to live my life. Most of all, teach me how to be a woman of humility, faith, integrity and generosity. My real goal is to go to heaven and bring people there. If that’s your will for my life this 2019, show me the people and the environment and strengthen me. God, thank you for the 27 years of closeness and journey with You. Thank you for not giving up on me and protecting me from evil threat and my enemeis. Thank you for bringing people to wake me up, to direct me and to nudge me closer to the vision You have for my life. Teach me how to live my true purpose. Make me the person you designed me to be. I do not know God, but like Rick I hold on to Isaiah 55 as Your promise for me. God, I entrust my past, my present and future to you. My dreams. My happiness. My heart. I love you Kuya Jesus.

Yours forever and your birthday girl,

Your Kim-kim


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