Photo Diary #126: October 26, 2018 Friday, ANU/Quantitative Presentation

Since I had another presentation after yesterday, I decided to wear my lucky blouse again. Hahahaha. I was tearing up while walking to my 2PM presentation because I hadn’t practiced, and I wasn’t even sure of my interpretations. I thought it’s going to be a disaster… But it did happen again! NO question, except for a clarification. And the brightest student even approached me and told me, he liked my presentation. He said, it’s pretty cool. I think they’re impressed with the content. And my other classmates were saying it was excellent. Again, I couldn’t believe why I’m getting this reaction. Sometimes, I felt I was just imagining things… but I saw their eyes lit up and their mouths open (same reaction in Japan during my speeech). I am really happy! I am extremely grateful to God! Because again, it’s not the same with my Filipino tute for a reason… but here, because a grade is involved, God reversed it. Thank you God! You heard me! I remembered walking to the venue, shaking because I didnt’ have breakfast and lunch and the printer at Toad Hall acted up so I spent 15 minutes there. Fortunately, a nice guy offered to print my handouts for me. Everything fell into place on that day! I was praying, “God, I offer this to you!” while heading to the venue and started tearing up. I was even expecting a 70, but I got a 90 for that presentation! I think what’s more important is seeing my professor happy, and the brightest student impressed.

I couldn’t have done this without You!

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