Photo Diary #125: October 25, 2018 Thursday, ANU/HUMN Final Presentation

I was the the last presentor for HUMN8032. Unfortunately, as always the case I don’t have the photo of my presentation except after it’s done.

I didn’t know how it would turn out because my paper seems soooo specific and focused. I didn’t know how to rally for its significance… but of course, I practiced every day since Saturday especially that the professor for this course has high standards and because I always drew close to the 10-minute mark; I was anxious of extending and not finishing my arguments. I even practiced removing the reading of the title just to save time. However, during the presentation, the presentors were presenting their titles themselves instead of Catherine who used to introduce the title for the speakers. Ha! My title was long and I would need that 20 seconds. But A miracle happened on that day! The professor told me, wait for me, let me introduce you. I was shocked. ahahahahaha. And then after the presentation… when the professor asked, questions? The Australian guy who always had questions just simply exclaimed, “wow!” And everyone was clapping. I really thought it’s average. Of course, the professor asked a question. I was so deaf. I couldn’t understand what’s she’s saying… mainly because I was all too happy of the reaction (ha, my miracle black notebook worked again! Just kidding! Of course God did answer my prayer). It was so surreal, it’s the same reaction I got in the US at the Fulbright Conference in Washington DC and at college where my classmates were saying “you’re a beast”. I thought I lost this skill especially after the disastrous Filipino Tutorial a few months ago. But God did move again~ It worked. What Filipinos back home saw whenever I present was the same Kayla they did see during this presentation. They’re all impressed. I had a good cry after in my little nook, praising and thanking God.

This is what I learned: we can practice all we want, in the end it’s God who decides what reaction we’ll get. I did work hard on the Filipino tute, but it fell apart for a reason. This first presentation was different. Kayla’s back. 🙂

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