The Article I Thought It Could Have Been

When your A**** world only involves doing qualification and managing productivity for some projects, and onboarding processes for **** tasks, seeing random characters together like :%s/apple/banana/gc on a black screen seems a dive into a cliff.

As you are introduced to the new world of the L*** R****, you find out that those random characters aren’t random, but are precisely pieced together to mean “change all ‘apple’ to ‘banana’”, which they call a Regular Expression (RegEx), run in the terminal to change all words (apple) to banana in the extract.

And as you move deeper, you realize that the process is really— well, a dive.

To make the dive a little less daunting for a C***** ******* Task supervisor, who needs the magic of regular expressions and scripts –those commands that end in .py (,, etc) – in order to make project-specific tasks efficient, a week-long RegEx and Script Training was conducted by ******.

The training kicked off January 09  and continued through January 13, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. with the main aim of sharing the L**** R****’ script and regEx knowledge to J***, a ** supervisor.

Although K*** S***, a new **** for ** *******, and I reserved a week before to learn Regexes and script, we decided to attend this new training to hone our skills and learn new regexes. However for J****, the experience was new, challenging and different. She even shared, “It was indeed complicated and difficult; especially that it was totally different with what I do with Content Relevance.”

We’re given separate tasks for Scripts and RegEx to work on, interspersed between short lectures that clarified the purpose of each .py script and formed as practice in creating our own regexes for certain situations. This made J**** say, “I believe this would also impact great result since it would lessen grammar- related issue or typos that judges were not able to capture.”

Knowing how to achieve a particular task by creating expressions from a pool of complicated choices of characters; understanding how all python scripts work; and tailoring the processes according to our project are not an easy stroll around the park. During tasks, I’m sure somehow we hoped drinking hot or iced coffee and nimbling biscuits while staring at the screen of regex and script tasks for long could help us figure our way out, and that laughing during breaks would clear the confusion. Yes, the training only affirmed that learning these can be a stroll, a jog or a sprint depending on what is required, but it also reminded us that the process can, in fact, be fun.

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