Kayla’s Life Lessons (2016)

In my daily private journal, I have a section called “lessons learned”.

Here are the notes I’ve “typed” there for a year:

Side note: Exactly as they are, no edits- so excuse my grammar. And by You, I mean God.

  1. Too much learning. too much. I will not let anyone demean me anymore. I won’t apologize for my thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas as long as I am not hurting anyone. I realized that I’m not fully actualized because I am not being myself. Without fully expressing myself, it’s harder to find that inner happiness. I need to step up for myself and be more confident. All throughout hell week, I realized “I need to love myself more”. I need to be me more. I need to be stronger and fiercer. I need to be stronger.

2.I just need to depend on You. I should stop worrying. I should pray more and thank you more. When I don’t have time, I need to ask You time. When I don’t have money, I should ask for it. James wrote in his letter, we don’t have it, because we don’t ask enough. I also realized today that all is vanity. LIfe is not always beautiful but what matters most is pleasing You. Everyone has his fair share of mirth and distress, so we should not worry. It’s how we look at things. I should fix my gaze on You all the time. It’s gonna be hard but it’s enjoyable. I love reading the bible and listening to sermons. They refresh me.

 Bottomline: I should worry less, pray and thank You more.

  1. Today, I learned the pain of waiting and what to do in waiting. W-rite down the lessons. The reason you are not answering our prayers yet is that you are teaching us a lesson. ANd a lesson is repeated until it is learned. To save our time, we reflect more and write it down. A-ct as if it’s already been done. For example, even if I don’t have my teaching sked yet every 4 am, I should continue to wake up around that time. I should also hone my skills to prepare myself more. Another example I could think of is grooming myself, learning how to cook and nurture and knowing my sexuality more in preparation for the opportune moment of meeting the spouse. I have to be the best for Him, too. I—I forgot the I. But T is to Think positively and to continue believing in You. You are God, who are we to judge.
  1. God was the source of your success in the past, so stop depending on Yourself now to achieve again.
  1. One learning today: never judge. Sometimes we have to stop and really see events objectively.
  1. God reminds me today of the importance of being faithful. Do not worry. Do not worry but focus on Jesus. Never even look within. I looked outside there was distress, I looked within and I became depressed but when I gazed at Jesus I am completely at rest. Jesus, there’s only oy who can foretell our future. You are mighty. Nothing can ever surmount your power. If you say, we succeed, we would. If you command we fail, we would. There’s only one master builder and that is You! Thank you for reminding me that.

Lesson Above REPEATED TWICE!!!

  1. God reminds me to stay close to Him, to pray more, not to trust on tarots and psychics anymore but have faith. God reminds me to trust Him. To be the same baby girl, that favorite child. God wants me to be with Him and so although it hurts, He uses Ma’am Mariz to knock me on the floor in order for me to stand again. God uses ma’am Mariz to bring out the best in me.

SEE? God repeated the lesson THRICE!

  1. God taught me that it’s okay to be yourself, to say no. It is okay to be alone because I’m never alone.
  1. Jesus taught me to never make a fool of yourself. IN order for others to appreciate you, you have to fully accept and appreciate yourself. I notice that a lot. For example, before Marie doesn’t tease me that I’m ugly it’s only when I kept on referring to myself as “ugly’ that she begins to think and subconsciously consider them ugly. It’s the same with Ma’am Mariz and Ma’am Gia. They were all okay with me but when I started pointing out and making fun of my mistakes, they also started bullying me as well.
  1. Whatever you focus on with either intent or discontent is what you are manifesting. The same goes for what you are appreciating and what you are complaining about.The universe will continue to deliver more of the same energy and types of people to you. Watch your thoughts and emotions. In other words, God affirms my decision to be happy! I am happy!
  1. Jesus taught me to continue being kind to people. To appreciate every moment, every experience, to never complain because it makes a difference. To never complain and to decide to be happy affect us to a degree we can’t even imagine.
  1. Jesus taught me to continue being kind to people. To appreciate every moment, every experience, to never complain because it makes a difference. To never complain and to decide to be happy affect us to a degree we can’t even imagine. Everything happens for a reason. I learned Solar Flare technique, to just do the first task of the whole task in order to avoid procrastination and the Lego Block technique, to break down complex project into small actionable steps . Thank you, Jesus!
  1. Today, I realized how accomplished I am when Venus commented that I have achieved so much at this age of 25. Not that much for me but I began to see that people see me differently. Sometimes I just need to appreciate myself more. I also learned to stop mindreading and defensive listening, thinking that people actually talk about me. I learned to speak up, that I am still lucky because there are people like Faye who does not have anyone. Maybe my role is to help them? To be with them? Sometimes, it’s not about us. It’s about them.

 THis appeared twice as well. God is reteaching you lessons over and over again!

  1. Today, of course, I realized that I need to be honest and not pretend in order to escape future ridicule. I also learned the value of being assertive, of talking no matter how broken the accent may sound. It does not matter to me actually. I also discovered that my intuition may not be real. It isn’t real. What I am thinking and seeing are not real unless they are said. I start assuming Mair hates me. But it may not be true because who am I ? Right. Last Wednesday, grit again was stressed in my life.
  1. God repeats the lesson until it is learned.
  1. Never judge. WHat you think is not always real. (Repeated)

So far, worry less, pray more. Be yourself. Trust in God alone. Speak up. Be kind.

  1. April 09, 2016 Although you feel nothing is moving, just do something every day. You will be amazed when you look back at how far you’ve traveled, and at how much those little somethings have become. (e.g. my website!!!)
  1. Struggles will face me, I should not hide. I should face it assertively. If people don’t like me, so what? I should just focus on giving glory to God.
  1. Instead of looking for the right guy, I should work my way of becoming the person the guy I’m looking for is looking for.
  1. I should prioritize.
  1. Make everyday creative. I should learn something new every day.
  1. In order to be more, I should to do more than what is expected.
  1. If It is not time, do not force. If it is time, do not resist. – April 21, 2016 (Thursday)
  1. Stay out of negative people, they will just suck your energy. Look for people who can bless you, improve you, as you both learn from each other. – April 20-21, 2016 (Thursday)
  1. W-A-I-T with Faith (Write down the lessons, A-ccept that I already received it, I-mitate others with faith and T-rust) April 24, 2016 (Sunday) *Jonathan is not real. And God was so on point. God talked to me. *TWICE*
  1. If you feel you can’t make it, don’t force it. Say, you feel you will be late and you have to rush to get on time, don’t go. You’re right.
  1. Today, I realized that I should not sleep after I’m done with my first task in the morning. I also realized that plotting stories in my head paralyzes me in the morning. I should limit myself from doing that activity with effort. (May 04, 2016)

*Repeated Lesson

  1. Recovery only succeeds when I acknowledge that I am not in control.
  1. Confessing my sins is one way to recovery.
  1. Mercy is the path to peace.
  1. I should know my tics, my inner fears to form an intimate relationship with other people.
  1. Beginning to question why I react or respond can uncover my buried emotions.
  1. Before every big blessing and breakthrough, there is a testing.
  1. God will use your pain and turn it into your gain. Wherever your greatest wound is, there also lies your greatest gift. Find it.
  1. It’s okay to do nothing…to just let things be, to lose control.
  1. Never let the world choose for you. Choose before it starts dictating you.
  1. Trust and walk in faith. Just be held.
  2. NEVER Believe in fortune telling. REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!
  3. Do not be arrogant. Do not be aggressive. Learn to wait!
  4. There are cheaters. But never let cheaters destroy your relationship with God and His justice.
  5. Do not please anyone. Please only God. You will find true peace.
  6. You are loved, no matter what.

Welcome, 2017!



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