I would like to share some comments I heard from people from last month.

Law student friend: Don’t you know that Dr. D**** from Ateneo mentioned that if they wish to see what a great thesis is, they should check out Ateneo lib and look for your thesis?

Previous classmate: While we’re discussing some points, Ma’am B*** shared in front of graduate students that when you’re the student, teachers like Ma’am C****** and Ma’am P** study.

And I can’t believe I’ve been telling myself how unfortunate I was, only to realize that

I’ve just been so picky.

I turned down three universities.

Have one company wait for my final decision,

and a government agency willing to train me.

I’m just negative after all!!!!

And oh, after turning down one Linguistics Seminar in Thailand, I can’t believe  I

was already included in the proceedings of a Hong Kong conference this October,

without mentioning the one conference in Paris in November.

As a human being, I sometimes want to share these too on my accounts especially on Facebook when a leech who stole your thesis format pretends she worked hard on her research herself without any help only to find out she copied all and only changed the wordings, but my upbringing guides me not to.

At least here, only strangers read my posts anyway.

I want to scream, Thank you God! You blessed me immensely, and I simply failed to see it!

Even if it hurts, I forgive those who wronged me as you’ve forgiven me.


Feeling loved,

Your Kim2x



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