Photo Journal #34: January 11, 2016 (Monday)/ Town Square and Fortune Teller

Went to Prime early in the morning to buy Lotto tickets because it is illegal in Nevada. We ended up not buying anything though because of the long line. Today, my trip is finally over with Ana leaving first. I got my chance of consulting a fortune teller face to face at Fremont Street, Las Vegas. She said that I am highly intellectual, creative, have the gift of writing and drawing, have long life, good health, nice flow of money. After that, we moved on to tarot card reading. She was fast. I don’t know but she says things even before she turns the card. I have background in Tarot so I know that what she’s relaying relates to the card drawn. What was shocking was the same man they kept talking about who is a King of Pentacles, very rich and number smart. She also said that 2016 is gonna be a great year. And moved on to telling me what will happen each month. After claiming abundance, I finally bid goodbye to readings. All their readings coincided with one another: focus on career, the man is rich. I leave up to God now while I improve myself and build my wealth.  


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