Photo Journal #322: March 27, 2015 (Friday)/Short Note to Future Husband

I’m trying my best to be brave enough in accepting the “No” of God to say “Yes” to an unknown you. It’s hard because frankly, I am obsessed and in love with a certain man. I never thought loving him could hurt this much, not because he doesn’t treat me well, but because I love him so much (it aches)- I can repeat that several times. In fact, so far, he is the first man who loves me back and cares much about me. Now, why didn’t I choose him? Because, he is not a Christian. He belongs to a very influential family, and their faith and culture are something they carried on for many years. You see, “being a Christian” is the only non-negotiable quality I have on my quality list for a marriage partner. Where are you? I hope we meet soon. Please? God chose you, you know. He fought for you, enough to lay down my defenses, my negotiations with Him every night-like a daughter who convinces her dad to like the bf. To no avail, though. And it dawned on me that You “are” better because He wants you, knows you can love, care, and treat me more, and most of all because our relationship can help the building of His kingdom. Archit might say I’m a selfish coward, but I also stand to my conviction that there is no greater act of love and courage than to walk away for God’s will.



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