Photo Journal #236: December 31, 2014 (Wednesday)

Last day of the year and before it hit midnight, as my practice, I cleaned the whole house. This time, I had to do it alone because everyone’s busy in the store, the boys in preparing for the midnight program. Today, I made another set of reminders for me for 2015. Unlike before, I don’t call what I prepared resolutions anymore but goals. Every month is set for achieving one goal. I think it’s better because the goals I wrote on a paper are achievable and are more motivating than setting abatract resolves. I listed some important reminders for myself though like Be productive, be more prayerful, be more present, be kind, etc. Thank you God! At midnight, all flocked outside the house to watch the fireworks we bought. Everyone’s celebrating while I was screaming in fear. As usual, mom’s there to laugh at my reaction whenever one firecracker’s lit. LOL. But this isn’t the best midnight celebration because I was coughing like hell because of my asthma while nobody was there to take care of me. That’s when I realized, for 2015 I have to be tougher, more independent, emotionally and financially. By the way, I took these pics after I had cleaned the house. Welcome, 2015, you are the change I wish to see in me!




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