Photo Journal #225: December 20, 2014 (Saturday)/Yakimix with Jacky

I lost a bet so I had to take Jaky to Yakimix, an eat-all-you-can restaurant which mainly serves Japanese cuisine. It’s also famous for its grill. We enjoyed everything of it. Imagine eating for 3 hours. Hahahahaha. I never felt so full in my entire life. After eating, we bought gifts for our godchildren. Jaky also chose gifts for her family which caused delay. We started the day right but it didn’t end quite well because we were still in GenSan at 6:30 pm. I shouldn’t have shown her that I was totally irritated because in the first place, it was my choice to stay and help her find gifts for her family. God was good still because there were still available passenger vans bound for Banga when we reached Koronadal. I also got to talk with Bro Cris today. “Akala ko kung sinong scholar ang nakaupo” was his introductory line. He stayed there with me for about 15 minutes just for catching up. He constantly repeated how proud the marists brothers are of my achievements. The strictest head of the marist adminstrators just asked me to send him an FB invite since I have a new Fb account. By the way, I still haven’t done the request. LOL. Thank you for Karen, for that IT schoolmate, for Jaky, for Brother and for everything today, Jesus.






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