Photo Journal #215: December 10, 2014 (Wednesday)/Musings

I woke up again with distorted thoughts and feelings of resentment and abandonment. Instead of listening to these inner demons, I chose to have a rational take on them. I questioned where they could be streaming from and how valid they are. Doing so lessened their intensity. However, as experienced, no matter how hard I try to be rational , the thoughts would not leave completely because it is only communion with God that silences the condemning voices inside my head. With this, I prayed hard today and asked for forgiveness. As always, God showed the same Psalm every time I asked forgiveness, telling me how He loves me (us). Amazing, isn’t it? Also, since my problem for the week involves loving a man, I see the connection between the Didache reflection and mine today. God is telling me to just wait and trust His timing. What’s more amazing is finally letting go and losing that feeling. Yeheeey!!! Thank you God for always leading me and not allowing me to stray from my purpose. Mwah, mwah, mwah!!! By the way, I have four gifts to Jesus on His birthday. 1. Send a letter to a deathrow inmate (which I already did) 2. Write a testimony 3. Listen only to Christian songs for a month and 4. Say “I love you, Jesus” and “Thank you” every after 30 minutes for a month (and beyond). 🙂 How about you? Make Jesus’ birthday extra special this year. 🙂







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