Photo Journal #124: September 10, 2014 (Wednesday)/Lies Revealed Yet Blessings Uncovered- This is a special day! Thank you po, Kuya!

Found out Andrea’s lies yet happy because I realized that nothing’s wrong with me. Plus, I again felt God’s presence as He proved that He protects even from lies those whom
He loves. Served in the church at 12 noon today. Thank you, God!!! By the way, I was half awake at 3:00 am and while just lying on the bed crying, I professed that I will fight because I know there
Are still people that I need to serve. And true enough, Wyeth messaged me in the morning and asked for my help. God chose me as an instrument again and there’s no way I’m going to stop helping people (Ezekiel 34: 4). Yes po, Lord: I have the weak, the wounded, the imprisoned, the sick, the poor, the street children, the illiterate- if I die, the soul and the heart to serve them will all be put to waste. Thank you for this wisdom. Salamat gid Lord. Laban lang ta, Lord. By the way, Ma’am Vasay invited me to be a judge in the literary contests next week at UIC. Plus, nagdaog ang oration ko!!! Wohooo!!! Blessings!!! Thank you, God!!! />



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