Photo Journal #115: September 1, 2014 (Monday)/Musings (Nobody’s Reading This, Anyway) haha

This day’s devoted to checking my students’ ARP! Kapoy ba! That after reading one group’s rubbish ARP, I shared what I was as a student to Bong. I super missed being called, “legend”. I guess, partly, the reason why I kept on watching rurouni Kenshin and other heroic films is that I am longing for my past glory. It’s not bragging. Some would think it’s exaggerated but people who know me since high school could attest to the fact that I was “different”. I think because nobody in the past could balance all: academics (with mostly 95 up grades), leadership, outreach activities, church service and other extracurricular activities (outside competitions). I wasn’t known for my scholastic achievement though, Inwas respected (even tagged as “Dumbledore”) because of my leadership and sincere service. Sometimes, people still bring the topic of me running for a position but for now, I don’t have any intention at all. I changed from being fierce, strong, independent and undaunted person to a really quiet, meek individual. I learned and I know I am way better than that legend. A part of me still hopes that being a “legend” does not end. But, I believe… It does. And Yes, it did. Am I free now? Did I get what I asked for? Eyes were not fixed on me now so yes, I won after all… kayla’s free. Nobody’s reading my blog anyway. Haha.


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One thought on “Photo Journal #115: September 1, 2014 (Monday)/Musings (Nobody’s Reading This, Anyway) haha

  1. betternotbroken

    HA HA! I read it. So somebody DID read it!

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