Photo Journal 104: August 21, 2014 (Thursday)/First drafts of Chapter 2

I had difficulty organizing my thoughts for my related literature. I hovered from one page to another, from one MTBMLE study to the next without getting anything. For more than seven hours of being locked up in my room, I still failed to arrange everything. Maybe I was just too in a hurry that my mind stopped cooperating. I even read from a blog (which seemed like a clue from Jesus) that sometimes it only takes a different place, venue before creative ideas start to flood in again. Uurgh! but if I go out, I thought, I’ll spend plus I’ll break my week’s goal. Today too I discovered a chatting app, Chatous- nothing different though, still the same with kik. Met scorpio who told me he works as a model for portrait classes and he does that without uhmmm, you know. Hahahahah. He’s not like others though. He just loves rambling on and on. But of course, what do you expect? As usual, people you’ve chatted would leave. Chatlogs would be deleted and you’re back to your RRL!!!


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