Photo Journal #87: August 4, 2014 (Monday)/Attempts

I know the other posts were terse and obviously constructed in a hurry. Well, this post is no different. Meheeeheeee! Today’s overall rating’s a 9 out of 10 for three reasons. First, I exercised; second, I followed my planned healthy diet; and third, I meditated. Not a perfect 10 though because I ditched my writing schedule for today while I sat the whole afternoon, after serving in the 12 noon mass, in front of my laptop-crazily stalking danisnotonfire’s tweets and clicking the repeat button of his videos a gazillion times. Such a duffer but I am not going to stop myself. I learned much from experience that these little things- little emotions-should be enjoyed now or else I’ll end up living a perfect yet absolutely unhappy life, trying to shut down every emotion and every eccentricity- literally always on my guard for new bad habits (or at least, I consider them) that I should extinguish. That’s a pretty scary, booring, boorish, plain life to live. 🙂 and oh, here’s the proof for my coursera online course.






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