Photo Journal #53: July1, 2014 (Tuesday)

Enrolled in the following courses today: (1) Foundations of Virtual Education by University of California, Irvine (2) Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills by University of Melbourne (3) Functions of Bevahior in the K-12 classroom by University of Houston system (4) Leaders of Learning by Harvard University. Since I’ve not yet started with my thesis, I decided to filly my resume with online courses related to Education. To tell you, honestly, this day’s rough. Not only because I veered toward the negative me again but because I failed to keep my anger in a leash that resulted to a flush of insults to a particular student. Although we talked after the class, the negativity kicked in even more. Thanks to, a blog maintained by Cel Chua. These are the takeaways from some of her posts: Only focus on what you can control, be the best that you can be to attract your soulmate and identify where your real anger stems from to correct it. Yes, she’s right. And what are the things I can control now? 1. My sleeping pattern 2. My eating habit 3. my exercise routine 4. My emotional responses 5. My anger 6. My habits which all have effects on my overall goals. And so, instead of fretting over lost projects and my life in a rut, I should focus on improving these areas , enjoy the present moment, work hard on my online courses, devote my time on my two research projects and help people as much as I can. Plus, I can never go wrong with this decision.


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