Photo Journal #41: June 19, 2014 (Thursday)

Debates in the morning with my 7:40 class and Fishbowl activity with my 4:10 sked students today. Does the feeling of inadequacy fill you at times? Today, I believed I just rattled on comments which I didn’t even mean. Congratulate me for not giving strictures today though. That’s an achievement! I wasn’t satisfied for, one, arguments posited by students weren’t that moot and convincing and two, I believed I wasn’t helping them out. Geez! Was I even able to teach them something??!! The fishbowl activity wasn’t also that engaging. And it’s for the same reasons. I wanted to point out their fluffs but I just couldn’t. Maybe I was or still am afraid of hurting a person again with my contemptuous insults. Then, it slowly occured to me how my past continues to haunt, taunt and daunt me that indubitably is the main reason for my debilitating grit. But (d****) it’s not going any farther. It’s not going to end like this. Neveeer! So past, please???




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