15 Years Guide

A. Work Department

15 years from now, I WILL be:

1. earning Php150,000.00 and more.

2. speaking in different schools, giving lectures to better education.

3. a published researcher and a renowned author.

4. an owner of a successful clothing line or another business.

5. a DepEd Superintendent.

6. a respected leader and an epitome of success.


B. Home Department

           15 years from now, I WILL be:

1. a loving, caring, hands-on parent to my children.

2. a great wife to my husband.

3. living in a two-floor house with a mini library, chapel, entertainment room and a     garden.

4. spending vacation every year with mama, papa and with my own family around the   Philippines first before visiting countries abroad.

5. sending my kids to different sports, music and educational trainings.


Eat together every evening and morning.

Pray together every evening.

Drive to school the kids.

Every Wednesday, date with husband.

Every Sunday, go to church together and have a family bonding.

Every Friday. visit mama and papa with the family.

Every Saturday, visit in-laws with the family.

Every evening, tutor the kids and have an “us-time” with my husband.

6. celebrating important events with family in the morning then, at a charity.

C. Social Department

           15 years from now, I WILL be:

1. having supportive, close friends who also have great families.

2. serving the church as a lector and a leader still.

3. providing food and shelter to homeless old people and street children.

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