Photo Journal #18: May 27, 2014 (Tuesday)

I was still recuperating from my suicidal, manic, venomenous thoughts on this day. Thanks to my sister Kath, who came from South Cotabato to submit her employment documents to RCBC Davao, for easing them and effacing some of them. We talked for hours after her initial question, “what happened?”. I narrated the events and recounted the root causes while rambling on and off how Jesus abandoned me. She did not throw her usual wake-up-you-moron retorts and so I sensed she wasn’t feeling well. And I was right. She vomitted and cried (the pain she’s carrying since she was in high school) for almost an hour while I (regretfully) did not show any concern at all. I was still at the stage of anger and was then, showing off how bad/evil I can be. Sooner though, I began to pass my whole bad-sister acting and took care of her. That’s when I realized, I was caged by others’ view for such a long time. I wasn’t evil after all. I began to see the new light and started checking my goals and saying goodbye to some of them. It did make me feel better and it reunited me with the Lord.


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